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favourite treatments

At Tia Calder Aesthetics we specialise in non-surgical aesthetic treatments. We have a range of treatments to suit you. Below are some of our favourite treatments. Click on the headings for more information…

lip enhancement

As we age we start to loose volume we once had. Lip fillers are a perfect way to re-create volume and definition to our lips achieving a natural fullness.

tear trough

Tear trough rejuvenation can eliminate the appearance of tiredness, dark shadows and eye bags, leaving your eyes looking brighter, fresher and youthful.

hair loss

PRP therapy is great for many skin concerns. It stimulates new collagen production, regenerates tissue cells, leaving your skin feeling smooth and firm.

we only use the best products for our customers

I was a quite apprehensive and sceptical about having the hair loss treatment. 1 because I am not a fan of  needles and 2 because I didnt think anything would be able to help it other than hair transplants. Before I knew it the treatment was over, I didnt need hair transplants. I was very very happy with the results.

coming soon....

natural & organic skincare

In association with Natyoural

Look after your skin everyday. Compliment and enhance your treatment results with this luxury skincare range, that has been handcrafted using the finest natural and organic derived ingredients to deliver amazing benefits to your skin.

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