DermaPen Micro-needling

Micro-needling has been used as an anti-aging treatment since the 1990’s, however, the Dermapen micro-needling is the lastest most advanced micro-needling treatment for collagen induction and other skin concerns such as; pigmentation, stretch marks, scars, burns, sun damage, vitiligo and many more. As the Dermapen stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, treatments with Dermapen leave the skin looking and feeling firmer, smoother and youthful in appearance.

The Dermapen is a medically engineered and developed skin needling device that utilises 12 surgical grade micro-needles that deliver effortless and effective skin needling. The Dermapen smoothly flows over the skin to deliver efficient, dramatic and long lasting results.

The Dermapens unique operation offers superior control, concentration and safety to trigger the skin’s own natural healing mechanisms, resulting in striking rejuvenation and correction.

The Dermapen freely manoeuvers across all facial and body contours, confidently targeting and treating acute and chronic concerns, including hard-to-reach areas, with effortless precision. Skin needling treatments with the Dermapen require a course of treatments which vary depending on the area that is treated.

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